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I Take All My Cues From My iPod

Posted on March 13, 2011 by Dana

It was perfect.

Today I was riding the train from Philly to NY, my iPod shuffling songs to its little heart’s desire. As the train pulled out of 30th Street Station and headed north, I decided I wasn’t quite in the mood for Annie Lennox, so I clicked to skip her (but just this once). And wouldn’t you know it, the next song in the shuffle was the theme from Rocky (“Gonna Fly Now”). I thought, could it be? and I looked out the left side of the train certain I could never be this lucky. But I was. Because at this very moment, the moment my iPod was playing the theme from Rocky, the train was chug-a-lugging past the Philadelphia Art Museum, and the very steps graced by the sneakers and sweat of Mr. Balboa himself. It was just so perfect. I wanted to stand up and announce to the entire train, oh my God, guys, my iPod is playing the Rocky theme, like, RIGHT NOW!

But instead I just turned to the woman next to me and punched her in the face.

It just seemed like the right thing to do.

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2 Responses to I Take All My Cues From My iPod

  1. Piddy says:

    Cherish these moments while we can, because very soon we won’t know whether these are curious synchronicities, or if a microchip implanted in the stairs of the art museum automatically cues all the iPods in the area to play the Rocky theme (and then sells you Preparation H).