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My Socialist!

Posted on March 8, 2012 by Dana

But not Karl Marx. I don’t own him.

No, I’m talking about (so it’s “my social list”…see how they did that there?), a site we love that aggregates all indie music happening in New York. will be one of our contributors to the Playlist Project, AND, they’re hosting their own music festival, AputuMpu in Williamsburg at the end of March. It was described to me as a “poor man’s SXSW”, but as someone who describes Fergie as the “poor man’s Carmen Electra”, I sincerely have to disagree with something like this being a “poor man’s” anything:

They’re doin’ it like only Brooklyn can. No glitz, no frills – just four days of cheap drinks and authentic Brooklyn-based bands playing some of the best venues in the city (like our uber-rad Le Poisson Rouge).

Be. At. It.

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