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So Many Rumours!!!

Posted on April 23, 2012 by Dana

This weekend was all Rumours, all the time. In ways other than just listening to the album.

Beginning with Making Rumours by Ken Caillat–the sound engineer and producer of the album Rumours. This is Calliat’s account of the making of Rumours from beginning to end as he details both the technical (some of the percussion on Second Hand News is Lindsey Buckingham drumming on a chair) and the not so technical (while recording vocals for You Make Lovin’ Fun, Stevie turned to Lindsey at one point and screamed “fuck you asshole!”) aspects surrounding the creation of this landmark album. I’d recommend for any big Fleetwood Mac fan, but be ready to do some skimming–specifically through the parts about Caillat’s dog.

Then, as my “TV bedtime story” on Friday night, it was “Classic Albums: Fleetwood Mac: Rumours” which is now streaming on Netflix instant (along with a TON of other rock documentaries on Queen, the Stones, Metallica…you name it). This one broke the album down song by song, with the band and the producers discussing what went into the writing and creation of each. The most fascinating thing about this documentary? Listening to the sound engineers play the different songs by track, to show you the parts of the song and allow you to hear instrumentation that Joe Average Listener might not catch upon listening to the songs as they are. (Incidentally, this is where I finally picked up on Lindsey’s chair drumming.)

And then on Saturday, I participated in an event for Record Store Day at Culture Fix, where we all had to talk about the album or song that has influenced us in some way. And one of the readers–one who was NOT me–said her album was Rumours, and that the first time she heard it she was a little girl. Her mother put the album on, and she felt calmed and hypnotized by “Dreams”, and by Stevie’s voice wrapped in a blanket of bass and percussion.

So yeah. It was a perfect weekend. And a great way to start another Soundtrack Series week. Come on out this Thursday–I promise I won’t talk only about Rumours.

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