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This Lineup is a Mixtape

Posted on May 10, 2012 by Dana

A few days ago I announced our lineup for when we do Philly, but just 3 days before that on May 24th, we’re live as always at the Gallery at LPR in New York. And for this month, our lineup is very much a mixtape. We have a composer/musician, a comic, a musician/comic, an author whose latest novel centers on music, and the host of an international literary event. But who is who? Well, I’m glad I asked.

Cesar Alvarez is the frontman and the founder (along with Sammy Tunis) of the Brooklyn based indie band The Lisps. In 2008, The Lisps wrote a sci fi/civil war musical called Futurity, whose world premiere was during American Repetory Theatre’s 2011-2012 season. Cesar is telling his story on Dorie Blessof’s “Ones Who’ve Gone Before Us.” And rumor has it, he’s playing us a little something, too.

Jessica Delfino is a singer/songwriter/comic who has pretty much done everything. She won a 2005 ECNY award (beating out Flight of the Conchords) for Best Musical Comedy Act. She has appeared on Good Morning America as a finalist in a national comedy competition, Opie & Anthony, and Russell Brand’s radio show, to name a few. She managed the mayoral campaign of Christopher X. Brodeur and appeared in the documentary The Promise of New York. She also wrote music for Morgan Spurlock’s What Would Jesus Buy? All this, and she’s telling her story on 2 Live Crew’s “Me So Horny.” Of course she is.

Todd Zuniga is the co-creator and host of the international lit throwdown–Literary Death Match. He’s the founder of Opium Magazine and a Pushcart Prize nominated writer for his short fiction. He ultimately picked Chiddy Bang’s “The Opposite of Adults” for his story–edging out Janet Jackson (an earlier suggestion of his) and Weird Al (a joke suggestion of mine).

Caryn Rose is a writer and photographer who documents rock and roll, baseball, and urban life. Her first novel, B Sides and Broken Hearts, is out now. And is amazing. Her second novel, You Can’t Predict Baseball, is slated for publication in April 2013. Caryn picked Don Henley’s “Boys of Summer” for her story–which, you may remember from a post on this site last year, is one of few songs that dangles conjunctions (and, but) at the end of the verses leading into the chorus. I am 143% sure Caryn’s story will be infinitely more interesting than whatever the hell point I just tried to make there.

Emily Epstein is a comic and writer who performs here, there and everywhere, (everywhere even means a boat in the middle of the Yangtze River in China). She has been featured in the New York Underground Comedy Festival and was on Good Morning America. She has written for,, and the Boston Globe. And guys, she’s hauling out the Dave Matthews Band for us.

Comics, writers, authors, musicians. 70s revolutionary folk, 80s pop, early 90s hip hop, late 90s khaki rock, and mod alt hip hop. The most mixtape show on all fronts we’ve had so far.

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