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Posted on June 4, 2012 by Dana

The Soundtrack Series – Prom Night is this Friday! We’ll hear blasts from the past and dispatches from “the big dance” courtesy of Clay McLeod Chapman, Adam Wade, Diana Spechler, Michael Criscuolo, Lindsey Moore Sproul and Cammi Climaco. One of the best things about this lineup? Each of them went to the prom in different parts of the country. So we’ll hear how prom night in Texas is totally different from prom night in New York City.

Also…don’t be shy! It’s the night of the big dance, so please come sporting your prommy finest. Whatever this means to you–corsages, big hair, poofy sleeves, sobbing uncontrollably. We welcome all of it.


Our very own “Honey Badger”, Miss Bridget O’Neill, will be manning the photo booth that night. So come, have your picture taken, bust some moves, hear some prom stories, and gossip about that snooty Sally Sterling in the girls’ bathroom. The only difference between this prom and yours–at ours you don’t have to sneak sips of Permafrost out of some dude’s flask out back when no chaperones are looking, and at this one, we kind of think it would be totally awesome if someone got pregnant in a van in the parking lot.

There. I said it.

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