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Off the Record

Posted on June 18, 2012 by Dana

But not ours. Another one.

Last night, I went to LPR to see “Off the Record“, a weekly series run by musician Dan Neustadt where he and a couple of other musicians play instrumental covers of legendary albums, first track to last track. The album they played was Pet Sounds, complete with an intro by music journalist Jim Fusilli, who wrote the book on Pet Sounds for the 33 and 1/3 series.

This series is really fantastic, and they play pretty much every Sunday night, so if you can, go. Albums coming up: The Wall and Appetite for Destruction.

Dan asked me what albums I’d like to hear in the future. He already knows my feelings on Rumours, but for some reason last night, I couldn’t think of the others I’d been rolling around in my head since I heard about this show. Now that I’ve had a moment to think (and write them down) here are some other albums I’d like to hear them do:

The Downward Spiral
Last Splash
Songs in the Key of Life
Automatic for the People
Purple Rain
Parallel Lines
Are You Experienced
Use Your Illusion I

And, I mean, sure I’d like to hear every Led Zeppelin album ever recorded. But I can’t put that kind of pressure on them. Though I will say, if they can find a way to do Paul’s Boutique? Oh my. That would fry my face. (This is a good thing.)

So how about you–what albums would you want to hear, live, instrumental, cover to cover?

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One Response to Off the Record

  1. Dan says:

    OK – this is pretty great, and I have to chime in.

    We did do Thriller a couple times (though back when we were at the Knitting Factory); and while we haven’t done Automatic, we did do a full REM retrospective after they called it quits (one song for each of their 31-year career). Lots of these though have actually been on the to-do list for awhile, including: Songs in the Key of Life, Purple Rain and Paul’s Boutique, though I don’t think that last one could actually ever happen… unless I were just doing an album a year. The otherw will definitely happen soon.

    Finally, The Downward Spiral I was all set to do too with an amazing cellist/composer friend of mine (Pat Muchmore) who runs his cello through all sorts of electronics — will have to revive.

    Alright — I want more!!