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Posted on June 25, 2012 by Dana

The June Soundtrack Series–coming at you like a hose on a hot day. Full blast. With bits of ice in it. Oh wait. That would probably hurt. So, no ice. Just water. Cold water. Well, cold TAP water. Sorry.

ANYWAY! Your intrepid storyslingers for this time ’round are:

Christian Finnegan

Just the other night I hauled out my boyfriend’s Chappelle’s Show DVD collection, and watched Christian as the only white guy in Mad Real World–their Real World parody from the first season. Brilliant. But that’s not all. Christian also was a contributor to Best Week Ever, has his own Comedy Central Presents half hour comedy special, and appears regularly on the Today Show and Countdown with Keith Olbermann.
Christian’s track: Three Days/Jane’s Addiction

Alice Bradley

I once heard Alice tell the most incredible story I have ever heard about underwear. And that’s all you need to know about that. Alice Bradley is the popular blogger Finslippy, and the co-author of Let’s Panic About Babies! She has written for Redbook, Nerve, Good Housekeeping, The Onion, and a slew of other publications you are VERY familiar with. And to top it off? She is a 2010 Pushcart Prize nominee for a piece she wrote for The Sun.
Alice’s track: The Stranger/Billy Joel

Eric Noah Feldman

You remember that Phil Hartman SNL sketch–Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer–and how it would start, “He used to be a caveman, but now he’s a lawyer…”? Well for Eric, it would be “He used to be a lawyer, but now he’s a writer and storyteller…”. Yeah. Way less catchy. But still, very impressive. Eric is a writer and storyteller who is admittedly squandering his overpriced legal education. He has contributed essays to The Story Collider Magazine and The Hypocrite Reader, and has performed at storytelling shows around the city, including Drawn Out Storytelling, The Story Collider, and Whatever Happened to the Nerds. When he isn’t busy telling stories about how much he loves Christmas. Proof:
Eric’s Track: Jingle Bell Rock/Bobby Helms

Nisse Greenberg

You know how your “drag name” is supposed to be your first pet, then the street you grew up on? Well the other day, I heard of a new way of coming up with this, courtesy of one Nisse Greenberg. First name, your favorite dinosaur. Last name, your favorite fruit. And that is the formula Nisse would have used to name himself–when he was five. If you can’t tell from this anecdote, Nisse Greenberg is the very creative host and producer of Drawn Out Storytelling–a storytelling show that fuses storytelling with illustration. Their season finale was June 20th, but stay tuned for more next season.
Nisse’s track: Did It On ‘Em/Nicki Minaj

Jiji Lee

You think you have met the sweetest, most endearing person in the entire world? You have NOT! (Unless, of course, you have met Jiji Lee.) JiJi is a sketch comedian and storyteller who has done sketch shows at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and The PIT, and storytelling at How I Learned, Real Characters, and Story Collider. She wrote the comedy web series Cooking for One, and has also written for The New Republic and Refinery29.
Jiji’s track: Gotta Get Through This/Daniel Bedingfield

Thursday, June 28th, 8pm, The Gallery at LPR. Be there, or be Nair (a new catchphrase, I’m still working on it).

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