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So Many Books!

Posted on September 25, 2012 by Dana

Finally–the paperback of I Want My MTV comes out today! And at our show this Friday night, Rob Tannenbaum (co author of I Want My MTV) will be talking about the worst, most career-ruining video ever. EVER. Also, let me ask you something. How badly do you want this book? (Don’t lie, you want it pretty badly.) Because you’ll have a chance to win it at the show on Friday night, where our very own Bridget O’Neill of “Off the Record” will be doing a trivia giveaway with these books as the highly coveted prize! DO IT!!!

And also…

Caryn Rose, author of the fantastic B Sides and Broken Hearts (and past Soundtrack Series performer–check out her many reasons for hating Don Henley), just published Raise Your Hand: Adventures of an American Springsteen Fan in Europe. I was following Caryn’s journey as she posted pictures and updates about this tour on Facebook, so I was really excited to see this all come together. This goes into my Kindle today.

And finally, there’s this. David Byrne’s latest book, How Music Works. And while the Times critic seemed a little bored by it, it’s always worth checking out anything by David Byrne.

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